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‘chapter i soldier settlement l9l5—l938

(i) the concept of soldier settlement

the impetus behind soldier settlement

the momentum behind soldier settlement emerged on a
wave of patriotism. those willing to[...]crifices they
have made."

the actual concepts of soldier settlement embraced
two distinct notions : that of compensation and repatriation,
and the notion that soldier settlement would be a profit-
able experiment. the states believed that soldier settle-
ment would 'enable the opening up of the[...]they had already tried to initiate through closer settlement.
soldier settlement legislation adopted and augmented the
basic principles of closer settlement.

the concept of closer settlement embraced a long
established social and pol[...]

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estates. closer settlement in both states, south australia
and victoria,had developed along similar lines. closer
settlement in victoria had evolved with the formation of
the closer settlement branch, under the land act,1898.3'
the basic prov[...]land by the government for the purpose of closer
settlement. the basic principles envisaged in the leg-
islat[...]ution of 1and,was a

well established procedure.

soldier settlement transposed closer settlement leg-

islation for its own requirements; the settlement of soldiers.

yet the adaptation of the closer settlement system, by
both states, is ironic. the closer settlement scheme had

resulted in failure in both south aus[...]progress report of the royal
commission on closer settlement. pp.45

5. these were passed in 190l,'04,'[...]

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yet it was to be the foundation for soldier settlement.
victoria's experience had resulted in dismal fai[...]quiring into the situation reported:

"our closer settlement policy has been rotten to the core.”

it had ru[...]additional report into the working of the closer

settlement act.9'

due to.various factors the scheme was a r[...]n them, how can the government expect ret-

urned soldiersoldier

settlement was to succeed it would obviously require a

drastic transformation of the closer settlement legislation.l2'

8. v.p.d. l9 sep.l9l6 vol[...]

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provision for soldier settlement

in 1916, an attempt was made by the comonwealth
to ascertain an estimate of the number of soldiers who
proposed to take advantage of the scheme. un[...]ect-
ive of the defence department, each enlisted soldier
received an ‘employment census card’, whereby[...]icate his preference with regard to employment or
settlement on the land.

yet this procedure did not obviate[...]e comonwealth
government estimated ten percent of soldiers returning,
would wish to settle on the la[...]

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[...]ot only did the states miscalculate
the number of soldiers to be settled, but the speed of
return of soldiers; it was estimated that the majority
would not re[...]ad returned by late 1919.

the underestimation of soldiers desiring land had
further ramification: the inad[...]llion pounds.18'inadequate

provision of land for soldier settlement would be a major

contributing factor in t[...]